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The Wotch: The long awaited return of adult Lilly

This past friday's The Wotch (a series that rivals El Goonish Shive and Futaba-kun Change for the sheer quantity of gender-swapping, accidental or otherwise) has an in-story appearance of 'Missy', the adult form of Evan Onymous' female alter ego Lilly. While Missy has been a popular subject for fanart in the past, she's only appeared in canon once before, and that for only a few panels.

nice MissyNot-so-nice Missy

Not surprisingly, Robin and Jason are gender swapped (again), and are regressed back to pre-school age to boot; it's not entirely clear, but child-Anne and baby-Miranda seem to be male now, as well, which does rather leave everyone stuck (since Wotchcraft is specifically bound to femininity, even when bestowed on a man). Thus, it's safe to say that the main characters will spend most of the story arc transformed, at least until they can find some other way to undo the accident.
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