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Girls who are boys who want boys to be girls, you free your mind in your androgyny.

Jumpstarting this comm with a question or two that's only sort of on-topic, about a film that may or may not be: Soft on Demand's Futanari Village (ふたなり村), released exactly a week after the last post here. (It's available for download from a variety of places, if you're not too concerned about the copyright status of products not licensed in your country.)

-1) Plot summary from the Zenra Movie Annex: "Imagine a secluded Japanese town where not only do all of its citizens walk around naked all day, but also have both female and male sexual organs to boot! Welcome to Futanari Village where some of manga's most bizarre fantasy's [sic] have come to life."

0) Necessary background of 1, for those who haven't yet seen the movie: the residents of the village are born intersexed, but differentiate in adolescence into osu and mesu (archaic Japanese terms for "male" and "female" usually applied to animals), as explained in an expository segment near the beginning.

1) If anyone has seen the film and has better spoken Japanese than I do: is the process of gender differentiation luck of the draw based on who impregnates whom, as (apparently) seen with certain of the film's characters? Or does "body examination" simply make manifest an adult gender that would have become dominant no matter who did what to whom?

2) Are the osu and mesu intemorphic, schizomorphic or somewhere between? (I'm inclined to view them as intemorphs because they're both apparently feminine even after adult differentiation, but schizomorphs in that they seem to fill recognizably male and female social roles.)
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