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gendershifters's Journal

GenderShifters - gender change in fiction & myth
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A community for discussing sex change - especially sex transformation - in fiction, mythology, and magic, as well as speculation regarding possible future means for performing physical at-will sex transformation. Also covers opposite sex clones, duplicates, other-dimensional alternates, cross-gender reincarnation, etc., as well as gender ambiguity, androgyny, neutral-gender or multi-gender characters, and species with different gender relationships than those of humans. While the primary focus is on the fantasy/transformational stories, discussions of realistic fiction and real-world transgenderism are allowable, especially when contrasted with the fantasy TG.
a florida enchantment, a planet called treason, abstract gender, afterimage, akane-chan overdrive, all of me, altered carbon, alternate dimension, alternate reality, androgyny, anime, bel thorne, berdache, beta colony, beyond rejection, bhangasvana, caeneus, calogrenant, cheer!, chieri, commitment hour, crossdressing, cybersex, dating the enemy, dave lister, desire of the endless, dono vorrutyer, el goonish shive, elminster, emmasca, face dancers, fantasy, futaba, futaba-kun change, futana shimeru, gael baudino, gender, gender outlaw, gender queer, genderbending, genderfuck, genderqueer, gethen, gilvaethwy, gwydion, hermaphrodite, hermaphroditus, heylel teomim, hijra, iain banks, identity matrix, imajaica, intersexed, iphis, it's walky, jack chalker, jadzia dax, jellese, john varley, justin leiber, kaywai, kemmer, kevin j. anderson, klopts, kurzon dax, lazarus long, left hand of darkness, licorus, loki, lord of light, lythande, mad science, magic, magick, magus, mercedes lackey, metamorphosis, misfile, mohini, mpreg, mythology, narada, narbonic, naruto, nearly roadkill, odan, orlando, ozma, ozma of oz, ozmagendered, parallel universe, please save my earth, polyjuice potion, princess prince, ranma 1/2, ranmagendered, rei rei, reincarnation, science fiction, scytale, shamanism, shapechanging, shapeshifting, siproites, sithon, slamacis, soul rider, sparkling generation valkyrie yuuki, steel beach, storm constantine, switch, tf gun, tfg, the bone doll's twin, the culture, the gods themselves, the wotch, threes, tiresias, to live again, transanime, transformation, transgender, transsexual, trickster gods, trills, triquetra cats, turnabout, turnabout intruder, two soul, two spirit, umlaut house, unicorn jelly, ursula le guin, virginia woolf, virtual gender, wild cards, x/y, xanny's curse, y me, ziggy stardust