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Girls who are boys who want boys to be girls, you free your mind in your androgyny.

Jumpstarting this comm with a question or two that's only sort of on-topic, about a film that may or may not be: Soft on Demand's Futanari Village (ふたなり村), released exactly a week after the last post here. (It's available for download from a variety of places, if you're not too concerned about the copyright status of products not licensed in your country.)

-1) Plot summary from the Zenra Movie Annex: "Imagine a secluded Japanese town where not only do all of its citizens walk around naked all day, but also have both female and male sexual organs to boot! Welcome to Futanari Village where some of manga's most bizarre fantasy's [sic] have come to life."

0) Necessary background of 1, for those who haven't yet seen the movie: the residents of the village are born intersexed, but differentiate in adolescence into osu and mesu (archaic Japanese terms for "male" and "female" usually applied to animals), as explained in an expository segment near the beginning.

1) If anyone has seen the film and has better spoken Japanese than I do: is the process of gender differentiation luck of the draw based on who impregnates whom, as (apparently) seen with certain of the film's characters? Or does "body examination" simply make manifest an adult gender that would have become dominant no matter who did what to whom?

2) Are the osu and mesu intemorphic, schizomorphic or somewhere between? (I'm inclined to view them as intemorphs because they're both apparently feminine even after adult differentiation, but schizomorphs in that they seem to fill recognizably male and female social roles.)
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Open-source TG

I've been forgetting to mention this for a while now: according to Allen Ecker of Umlaut House fame, TG technology is freely available and widespread in the UH2 era. Ecker explained in a forum Q&A session that after Rick reformed, one of the things he made a point to do was release the technical details of the gender-altering ray he developed for Dr. Pegasus to the public domain, in order to ensure that it would be available to anyone who needed it.
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TG Taizen

I only just came across the TG Taizen site, and I'm somewhat surprised I had seen it before. This is an entire message board site on the subject, more ambitious than anything I'd ever considered for this comm. I am sure it would be of interest to the folks here, though it may well put gendershifters out of business for good... eh, no, GS is a bit broader than TGT is, and it's not like there's been a lot of traffic here anyway.
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Hello, I would like to share more of my webcomic Hott :D it is a bit crazy, as it deals with gender swapping and magic. The story is still in the beta stage as I develop it further. Being such a transgendered person and a wanna be Male to Female, even though I dont think I could ever go on the hormones, I love to make comics about boys being turned into girls and vice versa, maybe you will like it too, or hate it : ( lol.

more comics under the cut : DCollapse )
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Factors in Behavior Change of the Gender-Shifted

Hi everybody! Long time no see!

As an aid to writing gender-shifted characters, let's look at some of the factors that would affect the behavior of such a character, particularly how their behavior changes. Most of these actually apply to any transformation, really.

Gross Physical Changes: "Gross" as in "large." In addition to the innie/outie shift, and the possible addition/subtraction of breasts, there's height change, altered center of gravity, hair growth patterns, pelvis angle and the like. This is likely to be the most noticable and immediate source of behavior changes. What clothes will fit the character, how high they can reach, seat restraint settings, how they walk, a constellation of large and small adjustments that have to be made. Depending on the kind of transformation, these changes may be difficult to adjust to, or be done unconsciously.

Subtle Physical Changes: Changed hormone cycles will affect moods, especially before the character becomes used to the new circumstances. This may result in emotions being less controlled, and nasty mood swings. Also, there's at least some biological component to gender identity and sexual preference. If those "brain switches" have been flipped, there's likely to be some conflict between what the body thinks it should be doing, and what the character remembers as appropriate attitudes.

Social Pressure: Other people will react differently to the character who's shifted genders, in both obvious and subtle ways. (And this is likely to be amplified if they know about the gendershift.) Their altered reactions will in turn influence the character's behavior. (Deciding not to change to conform to others' expectations is in itself a behavior change.) Indeed, in societies with very strong gender roles, the character may be forced to change their behavior in some ways on penalty of physical punishment.

Psychological Factors: The character's own attitudes towards gender roles, sexual preference, conformity and the like will also influence how their behavior changes due to a gender shift. Someone whose self-image depends heavily on virile masculinity is going to have a rougher time dealing with being turned into a girl than, say, someone whose self-image is primarily based on being a good, charitable person.

Mental Changes: Actually, a bit of a cheat--if the transformer changes the victim's memories or attitudes by force, this will naturally change the gendershifted person's behavior. "You now think that childbirth is something you'd really like to do."

Thoughts, comments?
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Hi hi, I'm new. Found this place by searching "mad science" interests.

Hmm. I should probably start by saying who my favorite switchers are, right?

Well, there's Quina from Final Fantasy IX. Quina is neither male nor female, and is identified as s/he throughout the game. On the Final Fantasy Art Museum cards (basically trading cards), Quina's gender is listed as "not applicable".

Then there's the gal in my icon, CyberSix. While not a physical switcher, she lives as a male, Adrian Seidelman, and has suitors in both forms.

And then of course there's James from Pokémon, who's pretty much a special case. I think the bikini elevated him beyond "transvestite" to his own catagory. Sadly, he hasn't crossdressed lately.


If you know where to look, Dungeons & Dragons is full of gender changing and ambiguity, even leaving aside magic items and spells that change sex.

-I've noticed in several places, the descriptions of the new Changeling race (descended from humans and shapeshifting dopplegangers) in the Eberron campaign setting either implicitly or explicitly describes the naturally gendered race as often adopting forms of a sex distinct from that which they were born as, and changeling names can be applied to both males and females.
-In contrast, the sexless construct race known as Warforged, perhaps most representative of Eberron as a campaign setting, are described as "unconcerned with matters of gender".
-There's an old standard that female dwarves have beards just like the males, and/or are otherwise masculine enough that other races cannot distinguish them from dwarvish males.
-The psionic dromites are naturally androgynous, assuming sexual characteristics in a special ceremony that appoints them either Grand Queen (female) or Elected Consort (male).
-A Dragon Magazine issue even featured a new race called the adu'jas, which appeared to be outside of animal notions of gender and sex.