Vi (ayellowbirds) wrote in gendershifters,


If you know where to look, Dungeons & Dragons is full of gender changing and ambiguity, even leaving aside magic items and spells that change sex.

-I've noticed in several places, the descriptions of the new Changeling race (descended from humans and shapeshifting dopplegangers) in the Eberron campaign setting either implicitly or explicitly describes the naturally gendered race as often adopting forms of a sex distinct from that which they were born as, and changeling names can be applied to both males and females.
-In contrast, the sexless construct race known as Warforged, perhaps most representative of Eberron as a campaign setting, are described as "unconcerned with matters of gender".
-There's an old standard that female dwarves have beards just like the males, and/or are otherwise masculine enough that other races cannot distinguish them from dwarvish males.
-The psionic dromites are naturally androgynous, assuming sexual characteristics in a special ceremony that appoints them either Grand Queen (female) or Elected Consort (male).
-A Dragon Magazine issue even featured a new race called the adu'jas, which appeared to be outside of animal notions of gender and sex.
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