hristy (hristy) wrote in gendershifters,

Hello, I would like to share more of my webcomic Hott :D it is a bit crazy, as it deals with gender swapping and magic. The story is still in the beta stage as I develop it further. Being such a transgendered person and a wanna be Male to Female, even though I dont think I could ever go on the hormones, I love to make comics about boys being turned into girls and vice versa, maybe you will like it too, or hate it : ( lol.

someday I'd like to be professional, as you can see there's alot of work to be done, but I feel that I'm not doing too bad :3

the story is still in the beta phase as there is only about 10 pages of content total, but I have a full blown universe I want to develop for it : D

view more at:

thanksssssss :D

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